Scandal – The Warrior

I have always wanted to do some MST3K voice overs for tons of music videos. Short of that I hope to feature as many video commentaries as I can. To start let’s look at a video that always makes me smile.

Artist: Scandal featuring Patty Smyth
Song: The Warrior
Released: 1984

I guess the co-protagonist is Jeff Goldblum as Die Fledermaus or is that Upholstor the Car Interior Avenger?

Ballet as produced by Marvel Comics.

0:47 You would think the netting villans would always be knocking things over and getting snagged on things. I bet they’re a blast at the beach though.

1:20 Bubble wrap girl is a tonf of fun at parties but is just embarrasing during the moment of silence at a funeral.

1:40 Some sort of tropical fish reference perhaps. Maybe their birds, all I know is that they aren’t very effective at fighting.

1:50 Bride of Frankenstein as painted by Chagal.

2:225 Bill Maher decides to keep score as Refereedum the Counting Mime.

My question is what are they keeping score on, levels of artistic suicide?

If this was on ice I could understand the horrible costumes.

Ah there is the steam, necessary or any 80’s video.

3:34 Luckily someone was there to catch her as no artist other than perhaps David Lee Roth can handle this much spandex in one video.

The funny thing is that as a kid I found this video entertaining. On some level it is still enjoyable and the song is catchy and a great 80’s party staple. All in all Patty Smyth is a wonderful musician that got a little too close to a video producer who wanted to start a new genre of music video action heroes.


2 comments so far

  1. rachel on

    wow. when you revisit those old video clips you think “what were they (we) thinking? what’s up with the whole campy post-apocalypse theme?” then it’s…oh, right. 1983/4 also saw the birth of and

  2. John Fudrow on

    One of my first visions for that blue guy was Mad Max and Cookie Monster’s love child. One of these posts I will describe by formulas for not only 80’s videos but 90’s videos as well.

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