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The Cure

Any child of the 80’s may not have heard much of the Cure until their pre-teen years, but arguably one of the best albums belonged to this UK sensation.  In 1989 the Cure released the album Disintegration.  If this isn’t in your record collection; go out and buy it or download it today.

Yes I know the lead singer looks like a character from an episode of Fraggle Rock directed by Tim Burton, but the music speaks for itself.  Many a pasty faced teen dressed in black lace, clutching a daisy, and gently swaying in the corner; marked the larger fan base of this group, but for the epitome of pop-Goth the Cure can’t be topped.

I wish I had something more biting to say, but you can’t harp on something as genuinely entertaining as this.

Check out some of their videos:


Scandal – The Warrior

I have always wanted to do some MST3K voice overs for tons of music videos. Short of that I hope to feature as many video commentaries as I can. To start let’s look at a video that always makes me smile.

Artist: Scandal featuring Patty Smyth
Song: The Warrior
Released: 1984

I guess the co-protagonist is Jeff Goldblum as Die Fledermaus or is that Upholstor the Car Interior Avenger?

Ballet as produced by Marvel Comics.

0:47 You would think the netting villans would always be knocking things over and getting snagged on things. I bet they’re a blast at the beach though.

1:20 Bubble wrap girl is a tonf of fun at parties but is just embarrasing during the moment of silence at a funeral.

1:40 Some sort of tropical fish reference perhaps. Maybe their birds, all I know is that they aren’t very effective at fighting.

1:50 Bride of Frankenstein as painted by Chagal.

2:225 Bill Maher decides to keep score as Refereedum the Counting Mime.

My question is what are they keeping score on, levels of artistic suicide?

If this was on ice I could understand the horrible costumes.

Ah there is the steam, necessary or any 80’s video.

3:34 Luckily someone was there to catch her as no artist other than perhaps David Lee Roth can handle this much spandex in one video.

The funny thing is that as a kid I found this video entertaining. On some level it is still enjoyable and the song is catchy and a great 80’s party staple. All in all Patty Smyth is a wonderful musician that got a little too close to a video producer who wanted to start a new genre of music video action heroes.