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Reebok Pumps

Reebok Pumps

A wonderful marketing tool, Reebok Pumps had a generation of young boys stopping sports games so they could “pump up” their relatively overpriced shoes.  As if that small cushion of air in their sole could acutally affect their inability to hit a free throw or overcome their lack of any athletic ability.

The pair I had for playing Junior High B-Ball looked something like these (see above).  They were fun to wear but I had resist the urge to cut open the bottoms and see what was on the inside, almost every time I put them on.

Hey it could have been worse.  They could have had some sort of pump handle that flipped out or required an attachment.  Not that the pump on the tongue was really that comfortable.


Hypercolor Clothing

Hypercolor image (Used without permission)

For those of you who didn’t have some article of Hypercolor clothing, let me refresh your memory. Imagine a shirt that knew when you were sweating, nervous, or had just been groped or physically assaulted by someone nearby. Well, that notion came to reality when Hypercolor clothing was invented.

The concept didn’t stay around forever as the fad died within a year or so, but in its day this trend was quite popular for the same kids who like snap bracelets and gummy shoes. (Though these shirts weren’t nearly as fun or interesting.)  Much like mood rings to the generations before, Hypercolor shirts were a fun ice breaker and “one trick pony” but never really had much permanence.  This wasn’t due to the product just being rather trivial, the chemical that caused the change to happen was easily damaged if washed improperly.

Though you may be able to find some Hypercolor clothing to this day, I can only imagine the insanity in a school setting when the administration would see kids groping each other trying to imprint their hand on their friend’s shirt. Instant school board hate list for this fad I am afraid.